June 20   Fly from Chicago to Winnipeg

June 21   Fly from Winnipeg to Rankin Inlet

June 21   Unpack and set up Antennas if possible

June 22   Focus on testing of 20/15/10m shared Hex Beam

June 23   ARRL FD (VY0/AH6EZ, VY0/K9DXA) SSB, CW

June 24   ARRL FD (VY0/AH6EZ, VY0/K9DXA) SSB, CW

June 25-29  WARC bands, 6m, and all modes

June 25-29  Educational outreach to Rankin Inlet community

June 25-29  1 day IOTA activation NA185 Marble Island (TBD)

June 30-31  WARC bands, 6m, and all modes

July 1            RAC Canada Day contest (VY0RAC) SSB,CW

July 2            Pack up, fly to Winnipeg then July 3 fly home 

78 Countries

50 States

30 CQ Zones

Africa = 8

Asia = 91

Europe = 625

North America = 2937

Oceanic = 10

South America = 62

HF Propagation Calculation

1. Select the month of June

2. Enter EP32wt into the Transmitter name and click on "Loc calc" button

3. Select TX Antenna as Dipole @ 10M (33ft)

4. Select 100 W transmitter and the CW or SSB mode

5. Select your RX QTH and your receive antenna

Click here to go to the VOACAP Online calculator

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